2019-02-23 Day 165 Sat

As forecast, it started to rain then snow gently. Visibility was very poor. We packed up and drove to the monasteries of Meteors. These 6-8 monasteries are perched on the cliff tops overlooking the town of Kalambaka. Though only one can be seen from the town.
Arriving at St Stephens Holy Monastery 30 minutes before opening. So we sat inside the cab reading our book. At 09:25 a bus turned up so we let them go in first.
The views would have been spectacular but we could not see much The church had new or newly repainted fresco’s inside. We were not allowed to take photos but the depictions were horrific.
Saints being, beheaded, stoned, ripped by multi pronged hooks, legs and arms cut off, being devoured by sea monsters and the list goes on. Quite bizarre. This monastery was populated by Nuns.

Next we wondered down a path and up 125 steps to a locked door at The Holy Trinity Monastery. In the near past this monastery was only accessible by ladders and ropes. In 1925 these steps had been carved into the rock.
Next the Holy Moastery of Rousanou Another walk down a path in the snow and across two draw bridges to inside. This church was incorporated in the building and could not be noticed from outside.The depictions were equally as gory but not as “new” looking. We bought a jar of Honey and a postcard for a friend in Wangaratta.

Onto the biggest Holy Monastery of Great Meteoraon. But it was closed for maintenance. By now we had our fill of religious relics and stopped in Kastraki for a hot lunch of local sausages, eggplant and pepper dip with boiled wild veges and a carafe of local red wine. An OK lunch.

Now towards the East coast and Mt Amos. Is supposed to stop snowing tomorrow so maybe we’ll get to see it.


The roads were clear of snow till we got to a little village of Karya, there were a few drifts on the road and then I drifted. Stopped on the corner for John to drive and she went a little sideways again. 

Into 4x4 and John drove us up to 1180m altitude and over. The snow was only 4 inches deep.

Stopped on the side of a group of 28 switchbacks with a few of the ocean.
It continued to snow gently.


2019-02-22 Day 164 Fri

The road slowly straightened out and we could increase our speed some. Made good time, although at times we drove through a lot of snow even though the road was cleared. Got up to about 1400m altitude.
We stopped for lunch and internet at about 1200m above a tunnel that the red road went through. Now we could ring John Yeo and wish him many happy returns.
After a few hours we drove the remaining 165km to the Meteora monestary’s. Camping near by up a small hill on a farmers track.


2019-02-21 Day 163 Thu

A big back track of 50km or 1.5hrs till we could turn south West away from where we were headed. A total of 90km before we could start heading north again.
Outside of one village there was these amazing Bronze statue. It would have been great to know a little about them. Although we have done a lot of slow driving we have seen some fairly lovely hills.


We did not get as far north as we were last night but did find a lovely spot to camp overlooking the lake Tekhnete Limne Euenou. It is man made but does not produce electricity although there is a large fall at the dam wall.


2019-02-20 Day 162 Wed

North west again. It took us longer than we figured to get to Delphi arriving about 13:30.

We wondered around the ruins. These were on very steep ground, Another temple for Apollo and a number of treasuries. 
The stadium was fenced off which was a disappointment as it was something we had wanted to see. The gymnasium was below the road and 100m back the way we had come.


One Votive was of a huge figure of a griffin with wings and face of a woman, she sat on a pedestal 7m high.

The museum held a lot of the finds and was quiet interesting. A whole bronze Charioteer was found under ruble caused by and earthquake. Only small parts of the chariot and horses were found.

 We wanted to go north on yellow but the closer ones had sections of white. Well we finally got to the white road and yes it was white. Covered in snow at 1200m with another 400 vertical to go. Not a good idea, so camped on a flattened area for the night.


2019-02-19 Day 161 Tue

Catching another cheap cab we arrived at the National Library and entered. We asked if we could enter the main room and were told yes as there was a group of students there. As soon as the students left with their teacher we were also ushered back to the door. Obviously the library is for special use only.
At “The House” we packed up and left. It had been a great stay and made seeing the old city easy.

We drove to the port and picked up our water pump pieces and some Whale connections. That worked well.

Since we have been in Greece we have seen a lot of wild flowers. Also the fruit trees are in blossom

 A little over height!

North to find a camp up a track over looking fish farms and some islands. A very pretty camp but we didn’t quiet get level. The full moon rose up from behind the wind turbines.


2019-02-18 Day 160 Mon

Marianna was going to do my washing which was great. 

We again ventured into the center by taxi and visited the Old Stadium and the small Olympic museum

We thought this a rather odd statue to have in the stadium. One guy had a flaccid Penis the other an erect one!!! 
Looking back up at the Pathenon. Can clearly see the fortress walls.
Temple of Olympian Zeus. A  Huge temple with 3 columns wide around the circumference.

Then back through the old town to look at a few more ruins. 
We passed the administration building of a university and the parliament building. 
We made our way to the National library to take a look but it was closed already. Another hike back towards the hotel and we decided to stop at the same place for an early dinner.
The guys we had spoken to at The House this morning invited us to their table saying that Nikos and Mariana would be joining them. We had some great food and interesting discussions. I think it is interesting that both the Greeks and the North Macedonians feel they have both lost/given something in the new name. Sophia and Teo have invited us to drop by in Thessaloniki.

2019-02-17 Day 159 Sun.

We arrived just before 11am and got EC parked in a car park. We could see half of her from our window.

Had a shower and went into town. Nowhere that Nikos had suggested we go for food was open till 2pm so we high tailed it to the Acropolis by taxi. 

A few hours wondering the Acropolis, Pathanon and the slopes.

The theater

 and it's seats

Walked back through the old town and the flea market, stopped at one of the restaurants for dinner. It was full so had to sit outside. Food was good and we managed to polish off a bottle of red.
Back at the hotel about 6:30pm so watched a movie then slept.