2017-08-09 day 115

Did a little work on panoramas then we decided to go for a paddle. I put a loaf of bread on and we got the kayak ready.

What a great paddle, we diagonally crossed Laguna Sura Saca paddled past a couple of rivulets on up the lake a little further.

Quite gusty at times. Got near the end of the lake and turned back. Crossed diagonally back to EC’s side and paddled on home with the wind behind us. A great paddle with the glaciers above us. The lake is around 4400m alt. Our highest paddle.

As I was laying kayak out to dry John made a fish curry in bread maker.
Half way through our curry Alejandro turned up on horseback. A little while later his 7yr old cousin Yefersion arrived. They were both very interested in the kayak and would have been nice to take them for a paddle but it was dry and we needed to move on.

Folded it up then John showed them inside EC

Alejandro & Yefersion's home

Finally left about 15.30 for the mine and the track past it.

The road was narrow and windy but if the mine trucks can travel it so can we.
All good the mine was no hassle and we got past and camped above a little laguna about 5.30pm.

Managed 26km this arvo.