2017-10-01 Day 168 Sun

Continued to the lake that we’d hoped to reach last night. Big lake and lots of agriculture. A few flamingos. The road was quite good, but narrow and very dusty. The land around the towns were well watered via aqua ducts. Dry above them and green below. Quite a stark different.
We like the new bridges better than the old ones.
Pulled over for 5 big trucks to go through.  Luckily the first guy told us there were 4 more and the last guy made it clear he was the last.

When we got to Oyolo we took a wrong turn and a local showed us the road down by the soccer field; a very narrow road. The road we turned onto after the town was great, and freshly dressed. What a shame it was the wrong one. Back to village and onto a very narrow washed out road. We climbed up between gum trees, new houses and brick making blocks. The road only had two sets of fresh tyre marks….

We climbed continually until we finally stopped  late evening beside a gorgeous lake at 4884m alt.

A cold night of -6.3°C with ice on the lakes fringes.