2017-12-20 Day 230 Wed

Was a good night sleep and a beautiful morning. Did my skips watching the river flow past. 250km to the lake so we left early. I drove for the first 125km’s the first section on seal and then on dirt. The dirt road as smooth as the many time patched asphalt.

About 9:30am we stopped for tea and banana cake and john took over the drive.

At a small town we filled with fuel and water, and I researched the ferry to make sure it was big enough for us and that I had enough cash. The photo I found reassured as it was a real ferry and that it was free.

We arrived at the ferry and it was on our side so we drove on. Room for two of us if need be. Across we went with the smallest tug I have seen alongside.

We stopped just off the ferry and john cooked noodle stir fry chicken with noodles for lunch.

Chris phoned on his way home from the gym. We could here the snow crunch under his feet as he walked We had a good chat. The call quality was the best we have had while in South America. Drove to the peninsular and the camp grounds. Got a very exclusive camp at the far end. There we only a few people camping back at the entrance, close to the shop.

Had a swim then John needed to make his calls. We have camped here close to town so if Internet is not good enough for the conference call, He can try the wifi at a hotel.