Our lockers are full of a bunch of equipment from safely gear thru to the fun stuff. Some of it we use on a daily basis and some of it we hope we will never ever use, but here is a partial list.

Vehicle. We travel in a right-hand drive 2010 Mitsubishi Fuso Canter powered by a 4.9 litre turbo-charged diesel engine, with a 5 speed 4x4 transmission and limited slip differential. The accommodation is built by an Australian company, Earth Cruiser.

Vehicle recovery. The Earth Cruiser is fitted with a WARN large-frame winch, an air compressor and Michelin XZL tires. On the pavement these tyres run at about 55psi (cold) but when things get rough we drop to around 40psi; and when it gets tough we will drop to 30psi (or even lower in a pinch). Tough going means mud, or loose sand. Loose, coarse, well-sorted gravel is really tough. The ability to adjust tire pressure as required is the most import technique we have; and sometimes more often than daily. We have a set of 4 gadgets to make letting down the tires faster and easier. Also we have a set of maxtrax when low tire pressure is not enough. Next comes the winch with a full set of heavy duty recovery gear (shackles, pullies, straps etc).

Tires. The tires are the Military spec Michelin XZL on 16" rims, with 2 spares. We also carry spare tubes, patches, and goop. One key bit of gear is a torque multiplier to get the wheel nuts loosened after being torqued up by pneumatic wrenches in the shop.

Mapping. We use a 10.5" ASUS Android tablet running Open Street Map (OSM) for our mapping. This has been an excellent solution.  A key feature is the ability to download maps for the entire South American continent (some 20GB) prior to venturing into regions far from the Internet. We use the Open Cycle Maps as a base because they have contours. We also installed the Trip Recording plugin to enable us to record our route in the gpx format; and use GpsPrune to consolidate prior to uploading to Google maps.

First Aid. We both have basic first-aid training and carry a basic kit.

Hiking. We carry a full set of hiking gear to enable multi-day excursions. All of the usual stuff: pack, sleeping bag & mat, tent, cooking gear, wet weather gear etc. Most of our hiking is however day walks.

Kayak. We carry an Advancedframe Convertible Inflatable Kayak which has proven excellent for exploring.

Photography. We have a Canon EOS-7D body with 3 lenses; 50mm; 10-20mm & 20-200mm Sigma. We also have a Ricoh CX2 which is excellent for macro work.

Internet. We purchase a local SIM in each country we visit; and sometimes two SIMs from different companies to improve coverage. Each country has a different requirement for registering the SIM, purchasing credit, and using the credit to purchase Internet data access. We then setup a blue-tooth tether from the Android phone to our other devices. We also use a Fusion2Go 3.0 RV signal booster to extend our effective range from the mobile phone towers. This setup facilitates Internet access away from the urban areas where WiFi may be found; however it is not without it's challenges. The SIM purchase is dirt cheap but the registration and initial setup is tricky in some countries and usually requires local assistance. Purchasing credit is usually easy at any small store or supermarket. Using credit to purchase Internet data is a bit different in each country but is usually easiest via a set of USSD codes typed into the keypad. Mobile phone towers are most common near urban areas; may offer LTE, 3G, 2G or nothing; and provide highly variable actual data thru-put, regardless of the signal quality.

Communications. Apart from the local SIM cards in each country we also carry a inmarsat phone & a SPOT device.

Spares. For the South American trip we are carrying just the basics for the Fuso (fan belt, compressor belt, air filters, fuel filter & oil filter). These have been necessary when servicing the vehicle in areas where Fuso is uncommon. We also carry a basic set of tools (drivers, spanners, sockets, files, drills, tap & die set, pliers, hammer) and general supplies (hose clamps, screws, bolts, electrical wire & connectors, cable ties, tape, & fencing wire).