2017-04-27 Day 11

Finally reached our goal of Puerto Montt. We drove around the foreshore and checked out the marina and then headed for Chloe Island which is south and East of Puerto Montt, and is on Rut 5.
We drove onto the ferry that log trucks and buses were on, and 30 mins & A$30 later we were on the island. No waiting at all. Sadly it was still raining and visibility was very poor.

We stopped at a jetty and noticed a stall was selling mussels. I went over (in the rain) and bought 2 kilos A$4.  After discussion with John I went back and ordered a Kilo of cooked and a half kilo of Cockles.
We ate the kilo sitting in EC and watching the tide race past at about 8 knots.

Drove up to Punta Corona on the Northern tip with the light house but nowhere to stay, back down to the beach. The beach was great to walk on and was quite black in places.
We found lots of small round plastic spacers and ended up half filling a 1litre bottle... The things you do on a wind swept beach.

I cooked up the mussels and cockles. we greedily ate another kilo for diner with bread and the rest went into vinegar with garlic so they'd keep a few days.