2018-03-01 Day 274 Thu

Well no breakfast for us with Migual and Ursula we didn’t wake till 8am, 10 hrs straight for both of us. That’s what you get after 30 hrs of traveling and very little sleep. Left the farm and headed to Ursula’s but no one home so John rang them no answer.

We headed into town to do a big shop. When we got into contact with Ursula they were busy till late afternoon so we said our goodbye’s and headed east.
Realised while driving that a year has passed since Dad died. So we have been out of Australia for a year….
We crossed our southern path in a few hours and decide to look at the lookout for a place to camp. It turned out to be an amazing gorge that we walked into. Lots of climbers everywhere and many more climbs. Walked to the end about 2.5km then came back out. A little stream ran through the gorge.

We noticed the big MAN truck parked under a tree near all the climbers tents, so paid them a quick visit 16ton of shear muscle. But I’d hate to change a tyre.
Left and found a quiet spot near the river in the dark. We only had the energy to cook an omelette.
Our clothes seem to have shrunk while we were away, all that good food and wine… so.. its time to eat a little less and drink tea and water.