2017-05-01 day 15

A dry morning but overcast. Pulled the kayak out from under EC and paddled down to the end of the lake and back, probably a 3 k paddle. Still amazed at how well the kayak handles.
Washed the other lot of washing and then drove north to the ferry. Stopped at Castro to do a shop but everything was closed, managed to buy some fruit.

Pulled into into the wharf area at Ancud but our mussel lady was closed and had to settle on enpanadas for lunch. An enpanada is a flat folded pastry with filling.

Caught the vehicle ferry back to the mainland, this time we had visibility. We could see 8 car ferry’s, there are two ramps on the island and 3 on the mainland. They seem to take turns… We saw a seal in the ferry's wake.

Turned left and headed out to the beach. Found a little shop open and bought a white and red.
Very windy on beach with lots of visitors.
The walk along the beach netted us only two of the plastic round things we found on an earlier beach. I guess they the two beaches are not that far apart and both facing out to open waters.

The maps on EC's sides attracted a couple of family’s and we had a chat with them. More rain. Everyone cleared out on dark and we were left to the elements, blowing a steady 35k's gusts up to 45 k's and with forecast gusts up to 65 k's during the night.